P1050460Mauricio Fallini:
Born:December 28 /76. Caracas – Venezuela.
Address 1: 17 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac 75011 Paris.
Address 2: Calle Arturo Michelena, Edif Plaza Athenee, Los Naranjos de Las Mercedes, Caracas Venezuela.  France 0033 619472352 Phone Caracas - Venezuela: 0058 4243146376
Phone London: 0044 7580876387
E-mail: mauriciofallini@yahoo.com, sebastianoz7@hotmail.com

Professional Resume:
Photographer, creative and audiovisual producer. I am currently producing documentaries, exhibitions and audiovisual shows: music, video and photography.

Mother tongue: Spanish. Other Languages: English. French. Italian. Portuguese

Work Experience in Cinema, Video and TV.

- Acting exercises and actor’s direction with the TV Director Renato Gutiérrez. RCTV-Vnzla.
- Assistant to the Photographer Director José Gregorio Velásquez.
- Performance in the french movie “Le Raid” produced in Venezuela by Alter Producciones.
- Casting in the venezuelan film “Amor en Concreto” of the director Franco de Peña.
- Fixed photo in the TV programe “Hasta el limite” by Alter Producciones.
- Photography direction in the documentary projects “MISTIC” and “NUESTRAS VOCES”
- Photography Direction in the short movie fiction “Cazandra”.

Work Experience in Photography:

2010/1997 - Documental and Landscape photography: (Man, nature, cultures, cities) Venezuela: « La Sabana »,
« Portraits of Venezuela» (Les Andes, Canaima, Delta del Orinoco) Scotland: Sky. Thailand: Shian-mai. Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome. Spain: Barcelona. France: Paris
- Assistant to the photographer Julio Fallini: Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela.
- Assistant to the industrial photographer Iván Albornoz.
- Photographer of the Town Hall Gran Sabana. 1995.
- Photography at musical and artistic events in Venezuela: Symphony  Orchestra of Venezuela, Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas.National and International Artists: David Palmer, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luís Enrique, Frank Quintero, Maria Ribas. Desorden público, Amigos
invisibles, Aterciopelados.
- France: “Atempo” Festival 2003 – 2004. Aquiles Báez, Clara Rodríguez,  Orlando Poleo.
-Publishing Photografy : Free - lance for the publishing group “Producto”.(Dinero, Producto),
- Documental and landscape Photograpy. (People, nature, cities, travelling,) Source of images: Venezuela: La Gran Sabana, Los Andes, Delta del Orinoco. Europe: Scotland, Paris, Italy, (Rome, Florence, Venice.) Barcelona.
- Selected By the Venezuelan Embassy in France as a Tourist guide in Venezuela for French media “Le Figaro”, “Le Nouvel Observateur”, “Voyage” channel  “Le Monde Diplomatique” “Petit Fute” in a press trip.


- High Performance at the School of Cinema and TV. 1st place obtained out of 14 in the graduation ceremony,1997.
- Winning-screenplay: Scripts competition (Advertisement for the prevention, cure and control of AIDS) 1996
- Prize to the best documentary video, best edition: “Chacao”. International Video Festival VIART. Universidad Católica “Andrés Bello” Venezuela. 1997
- 1st Prize at the Photography competition “Tramps of the city” Culture Direction U.C.V. 2001.
- Prize to student merit School of Arts. U. C. V, 2001
- First Prize to the Photography Competition “Patrimonio Revelado” Universidad Central de Venezuela, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, 2001.
- Second place prize (1st place was not declared) at the Photography Competition “Women in the current Venezuelan society” Embassy of France in Venezuela and Culture direction, UCV.

Current Projects:

2011 “El Gran Azul” “The Great Blue”: Reportage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2VPuHEnPlk
2011 “Le Mime Paul” Demo Film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GOgDXDpaZQ
2010 “Niebla del Riachuelo” Demo Film Tango: http://vimeo.com/27375275

Photographic exhibitions in Europe:

10/2009 Paris. Galerie “Gout de Terre”

·          “LA SABANA”
10/2006 Biarritz Film Festival and cultures of Latin America

09/2004 Paris. “La Sabana” Galerie “Le latina – Renoir.”
05/2004 Rome: “La Sabana“ Guazzolini. Via dei Coronari.
03/2004 Terne (Italia): “La Sabana” Hotel “La Casella”
02/2004 Lyon: Entreprise Lafarge.
08/2003 La Rochelle: “La Sabana”, féstival des Rythmes Latins
12/2003 Rhône-Alpes: Maison de l’Amérique Latine
05/2002 Paris- “La Sabana” Embassy of France in Venezuela.
06/2002 Barcelona “La Sabana Audiovisual” FNAC (Semana de Venezuela)
04/ 2002 Barcelona.- “La Sabana” Catalan Institute of Technology
02/2002 Barcelona- “La Sabana”. Civic Centre“Convent Sant Agustí”.

Photographic exhibitions in Venezuela:

10/ 2009 Caracas Bookstore “El Buscon” Trasnocho Cultural Center Exhibition : “Los Artistas”
02/ 2002 Caracas Patio del Sol El Hatillo Gallery: Exhibition Sabana
11/ 2000 Caracas Portugues Cultural Centre:Collective exhibition “Artistas de La Gran Sabana”
1999 Caracas – Músic School Lino Gallardo: Audiovisual Exhibition. “La Sabana “- Cultural Centre of El Hatillo: Collective exhibition “Artistas del Paují”
1996/97/98 Caracas-Nacional Convention of Photography AVECOFA (Selection-competition).


- 1997 Visual Semiotics Workshop: Cuban professor Julio César Aguilar. School of Cinema.
- Non-lineal edition in media 100 workshop: Professor Gustavo Bernal. School of Cinema.
-Acting and directing workshop: Cuban Professor Laura de la Uz.School of cinema. (fecha)
- Workshop of Docuemntary-cinema: M.Tinoco and Franco de Peña. Cinemateca Nacional.
- Workshop of Video-documentary production: Audiovisual Division, U.C.V. 1.999.
-Workshop of short movies scripts. Civic Centre “La Barceloneta”. Barcelona. 2002.
- School of Arts. Degree in Arts: Audiovisual specialization. Universidad Central de Venezuela. 1998. (in progress)
-School of Cinema and TV: Screenplay, production, photography direction, edition, 1997.
- School of music “Lino Gallardo”. Caracas 2001
- 1 year of popular guitar. 2 year of lyrical singing. 3 years of music theory
- High school graduated in Sciences U. E “Nicolás Meza.”
Currently taking the course “French in the theatre”: University of Sorbonne. Paris.(2005)

2010.   - EXCLUSIVA. Magazine. Reportage. Caracas. Venezuela.
2006     - UNESCO’s photographic Library: Images of Venezuela’s natural heritage
2004    - Diplomatic Agenda of Venezuelan Embassy in Paris. Tourist Brochure “Petit Fute”. By the Venezuelan embassy in France. 2002
2002    Magazine «Travel » NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Barcelona.